1985 GT

3dr Owner since 1995
Interior is in good good shape minus the dash, it was is cracked around the stereo. the head liner needs work. I have the material for it. The paint is not so good. The left front fender and the right front door are not original. No major dents or rust. The deal comes with an extra dash complete with harness. All AC components not on the car. 2 extra stock wheels. An extra off road H pipe a T5 rebuild kit. The stock exaust (Cat back). It has a loud sterio with a sony 500w and an alpine 500w amp. and a few other extra parts.

The motor is bored to 306
All forged internals
Roller lifters and roller rockers
Stealth Intake
Upgraded cam similar to the Edelbrock b cam
Long tube headers
Subframe connectors
Lakewood drag shocks
Steeda shifter, clutch quadrant and firewall bushing
Breaks have recently been rebuilt front and back. New break lines and reservoir
All major steering components recently replaced.

Current millage on the new motor 38,832

I ran it one time at kennedale about 3 months after the build.
It ran 9.2 with a week reaction time and stock rear end.

Inspection and registration has expired. It passes inspection fine every year I have all the old printouts. I also have a whole mess of recipts and workorders to confirm all the work done.

Rebuilt the motor 11 - 03

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