The Stuff

I learned to throw at Arlington High School in 1989. I took the class for 3 years and got pretty good at it. After I graduated I took a few pottery classes here and there but always longed to own the stuff to work clay with out finding a class. It took a while of shopping around for a good deal. In 1998 I got the wheel new at Trinity Ceramics and the kiln used only 2 years old from a guy in Grand Prairie Texas.

I use Trinity Ceramics Cone 10 White Stoneware caus its cheep. It's a bit rough on the hands though. I like Amaco Led free Glazes, Cone 05. They have a nice large color selection. The only kiln I have is a Blue Diamond Electric Kiln, 11 Cubic Feet. It's very large. I could easily get in the thing and have room left over. I wish I had a smaller one. I throw with a Brent Model B Electric Wheel. I like it but don't have much experience with any thing else. The table is a ¾ inch thick slab of marble covered in 2 layers of canvas. It's 30x34. I have way more tools and stuff than I really need.



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